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Expand Your Business with EmailInvest.
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If you are beginner, take a look at our:

  • Tools to help you build your email list with Facebook, Wordpress and others

  • Guidelines and videos to help you get started with the software

  • Customer support every workday

  • Professionally designed email templates that you can use for free and start sending today.

  • Build your email list through Facebook and Wordpress

  • Individual consultation about your email marketing strategy (30 min.)

If you have experience make use of:

  • Quick and easy import of your lists

  • Segmenting your contacts for laser focused targeting and improvement of your results

  • Validate your list and clean them from invalid emails

  • Autoresponders and scheduled campaigns even in the free version

  • Single opt-in forms

  • Detailed reports of the results of your campaigns in real time

List Building
Email Marketing
Detailed Reporting
Happy Clients

EmailInvest is a SUCCESSFUL POWERFUL PROVEN INDISPENSABLE right-hand man for your business.

Technical Support

You can always rely on us for help and support.

Custom Templates

We have created remarkable templates that work well both on your computer and your smartphone.

Simple and Automatic List Building

EmailInvest is a simple and easy to use tool for creating and integrating contact forms on your website, blog or online store.

Detailed Reporting

You have access to all the important details about your campaigns. Open rates, click through rates, bounces and more.

Everyone’s Special

You can send personalized email to everyone on your list including personalized links, vouchers and other gifts.

Automatic Scheduling / Auto Responders

EmailInvest allows you to schedule emails and campaigns to welcome your new subscribers, to wish them a Happy Birthday or to remind them to renew their services.

Why EmailInvest?

EmailInvest is web based email marketing software that allows you to easily organize your contacts, create and send email campaigns, and measure your results.

  • Your get high quality email marketing software and support at a reasonable cost
  • You easily create your marketing campaigns
  • Send thousands of emails with just one click
  • No more deliverability problems
  • Analyze your results using our detailed reporting
  • Increase your sales
  • Save time and money

EmailInvest - simple and successful email marketing for you and your business.


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